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Bobby Farrell biography


Bobby Farrell bio

The man who played a decisive role in building up Boney M.'s image is Bobby Farrell. He grew up on the small Antilles Island of Aruba, where he was born on 6.10.1949 and lived there until he was fifteen. After finishing school he decided to go to the sea and traveled for two years over the oceans before he went on land in Norway. From Norway he went to Holland which is his mother country, since Aruba is one of the last remaining islands of their imperial colonial empire. But besides his linguistic talents and what he learned out at sea, he had nothing to offer except a natural talent to dance. He got some jobs as DJ in Holland before he got better job opportunities in Germany where he finally settled down.

Soon word began to spread about this young talented man from the Caribbean, who animated audiences with his charming accent and his ability to dance. His love of soul music brought led him into bands were he danced and also allegedly sung. It was his unique dance style that had an electrifying effect on audiences and Bobby became something like a minor star. Maizie Williams saw one of his stunning performances and when it came to the point that a guy was sought who can set the music into movements she remembered him.

Frank Farian was also speechless when he saw his ability. Bobby certainly was a big part of the act and gave the image point of view a certain exclusivity. Though Bobby was in the crossfire of the critics (especially in Germany) because he couldnt sing... or at least he didn't sing on the records, though on stage he had to take over the part Frank Farian did in the studio. And on top of that they also criticized him of anything they could find. Not easy for the young man. "The Monkey's or even the some of the Beatles couldn't sing, but nobody cared" he complained. Correct, but it didn't stop the sensation hungry critics. Bobby didn't give up so easily. Almost obsessed he wanted to shut the critics up with solo recordings to prove that he indeed could sing. Over the years he got more and more tired of always having to defend himself and of being designated as the dance puppet of Frank Farian. But on BOONOONOONOOS Farian let him sing for the first time the crazy man's rap part in TRAIN TO SKAVILLE (BOONOONOONOOS).

Nevertheless on the long hand it led to point where Farian fired him because he stabbed Farian in the back by complaining in interviews about his working situation and on top of that he didn't show up on important dates. Bobby of course realized that without the group and Frank Farian he would be the loser and tried unsuccessfuly to get back into the team.

When Reggie Tsiboe took over his spot in 1982, Bobby started a solo career and released POLIZEI. But without his former colleges he had a hard time and so they did they without him. Fans didn't really accept Reggie inspite of his exceptional talents.

Realizing that, Farian produced HAPPY SONG with him and Boney M. that became a top 10 hit in many European countries. Farian then produced a solo single, KEEP ON DANCIN', with him and got him back into the team for good in 1985. They produced then the recording EYE DANCE where he took over the rap part in YOUNG, FREE AND SINGLE. Although after another year the group finally called it day. In 1988 the four originals had a short reunion but in 1989 it was definitely over. Today Bobby has recruited three singers and they tour from Holland around the world as Boney M. feat. Bobby Farrell desperately trying to bring back the glory of the golden past.

In his private life Bobby was married to former Yugoslavian model Jasmina in 1981 and together they have two kids. The up and downs of his career have also left traces in his marriage.they are divorced now. Another incident causing a lot of troubles in Bobby's life was in his early twenties. He had a relationship with a married, but separated woman in Germany and conceived with her a child. His daughter Jessica grew up in foster homes, neglected by her mother. Bobby tried every legal way to get custody of his daughter, but in the eyes of the German Law he was not the legal father since the mother was still married at the point of birth. It was a painful defeat for the young man who loves children over all. Bobby often thinks back on his native Aruba and its hospitality and where big families are the norm. And one day he may just do what he has always wanted: to support children in their creative talents or become a "banana minister" on his native Aruba.

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